Boiler Feed Pumps: Manufacturers of Combustion Equipment, wide spectrum of oil & gas based heating systems for industrial applicationd in diverse industries. Wesman has the ability to provide complete turnkey combustion systems as it manufactures the complete range of control vales, fans & blowers, oil & gas trains & oil pumping & heating systems, alongwith burner management control panels. Through a technical collaboration with North American Manufacturing Company USA since 1973, Wesman Thermal manufactures a wide range of oil, gas & dual fuel burners, control valves & recuperators. With over 50 burner models, Wesman combustion systems are used in the steel, forging, non-ferrous metal, defense, tea, food processing, paint, ceramic, refractory, glass, cement, abrasives, chemical, petrochemical & fertilizer industries. Wesman Thermal & IBS Indutrie-Brenner-Systems GmbH, Germany, have signed a techinal collaboration agreement. IBS has a wide range of burners & all its popular burners will be progressively manufactured and offered locally. Wesman Thermal designs custom combustion solutions to fit customer requirements, from basic manual control to sophisticated automated process control. The company also re-engineers & upgrades existing combustion systems.
Wesman Thermal Engineering Processes Pvt. Ltd.
Wesman Center, 8, Mayfair Rd.,
Kolkata - 700019, West Bengal

Tel : 33-40020300
Fax : 22816402

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