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Established in 1977. An IS/ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. Mfrs. Of Sertel Brand Process Control Instruments, Test & Measuring Instruments & Time Management Systems, GP''s Based NTP Server For Time ...

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The term synchronizer may refer to: In automobiles, a synchronizer is part of a synchromesh manual transmission that allows the smooth engagement of gears. In electronics, an arbiter helps order signals in asynchronous circuits. There are also electronic digital circuits called synchronizers that attempt to perform arbitration in one clock cycle. Synchronizers, unlike arbiters, are prone to failure. In electronics, whenever there is signal transfer between two systems operating at different frequencies or same frequency with different phases, synchronizer block is used as an interface so that signal from transmitter block is reliably interpreted by the receiver. In electric power systems, alternator synchronization is required when multiple generators are connected to an electrical grid. In electrical engineering terms, for digital logic and data transfer, a synchronous circuit requires a clock signal. Timekeeping technologies such as the GPS satellites and Network time protocol (NTP) provide real-time access to a close approximation to the UTC timescale, and are used for many terrestrial synchronization applications.

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