Balls Ebrochure



The company is a prominent manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous balls such as carbon steel balls, chrome steel balls, stainless steel balls, lead balls and brass balls. These balls are offered in a range of sizes and materials. Every steel ball passes through exacting inspections that automatically detect and remove off-spec balls. To satisfy the client's specific requirements, the company is dedicated to innovate and develop advanced products and services. The range of steel balls is manufactured for diverse applications in varied industries such as Bearings, Automobiles, Bicycles, Castors, Paint, Ferrite, ink industries. Stainless steel balls provide resistance to acidic and highly corrosive environment therefore these balls are used in the presence of sulphuric, phosphoric and acetic acids. High carbon steel balls have higher carbon content while stainless steel balls are corrosion resistant and non-hardened. Brass balls are also corrosion resistant & provide excellent electrical conductivity.

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