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Auto Steel & Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Auto Steel & Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Silicone Hose & Tubing

The company manufactures both moulded and built-up hoses from silicone rubber. Silicone is a versatile material for manufacturing hoses. It has many useful features like high and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, air resistance and resistance from corrosion caused by various fluids. Silicone rubber is also a preferred material for turbo charger hoses. It finds usage in air conditioning applications for cooling and heating in both automobiles and non-automobile applications. Silicones hoses are made in various shapes and sizes as per customer requirements. Currently their hoses find applications with all the major OEM’s in India and abroad. Silicone hoses manufactured by ASRI are exported to all the major European countries.

silicon rubber hoses   silicone hoses with polyester fabric reinforcement
Silicon Rubber Hoses
Silicone Hoses with Polyester
Fabric Reinforcement

silicone hoses (shore 200 series)   organic black hoses
Silicone Hoses
(Shore 200 series)
Organic Black Hoses

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