Manufacturers of Texturised Yarn. Production Facilities located in Silvassa. Exporting to Latin America, Singapore, Spain, Egypt, Europe etc. Commissioned in 1989 with Annual Production of 580 Tonnes of Draw Textured Yarn, Bhilosa’s Production Capacity has reached 1,05,000 MT of Draw Textured Yarn Per Annum. Capability: Wide Range of Textured Yarn from 50 to 600 Denier & 4 to 576 Filament in different Permutations & Combinations. Inhouse R & D Facilities in Spinning & Texturising.

Message for Bhilosa Industries Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

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Contact Person : Mr. Kumar Jain

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Bhilosa Industries Pvt. Ltd. deals in the following products:
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Texturised Yarn