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IndustrialRegister.in is the online avatar of TRIM – The Register of Industrial Manufacturers, the most comprehensive and reliable source of Industrial Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. The IndustrialRegister carries the most up-to-date product information for more than 11,500 Product Categories the complete resource on Industrial Products and Services covering more than 315,000 supplier listings.

TRIM launched as a Printed edition in the year 2000 has come to be regarded as the most definitive Industrial Buying in India and over the years has become the most preferred buying resource for Industrial buyers and specifiers; with more than 85,000 qualified subscribers to the Print and CD-ROM editions of the TRIM, the buyers and specifiers now access the most update Industrial Product Information online.

Manufacturers and Suppliers now update their Product Information by the minute to ensure that the most current information is available to their potential customers.

We are proud to say that IndustrialRegister.in is the online platform WHERE DEMAND MEETS SUPPLY.

TRIM Select

TRIM Select is a Print edition that provides expanded product information on industrial products and services of select companies in India, giving buyers depth of information in choosing products and services from a very wide range of industrial product and service categories. TRIM Select is circulated free to qualified subscribers who make a written request and detail their role in the industrial buying or specifying process...more

TRIM E&E - The Electrical & Electronics Industry Buying Guide


TRIM E&E is an industry-focused publication and provides information on electrical and electronic products and component manufacturers in India including information technology, cabinets & enclosures, telecommunication and power generation. The information is compiled under a three-layered structure of Chapters, Categories and Product Headings. The publication is printed in full colour and provides various advertising options to customers. Product Profiles are published under each category giving a short description of product, application, usage, size, dimension and the key role it plays in the related process. A grid under each category provides information on companies manufacturing the products under that category. The publication is linked with trade shows related to this segment and is distributed at trade shows to the qualified subscribers. ..more

TRIM Chemicals, Process Plant & Machinery

TRIM Chemicals

TRIM Chemicals, Process Plant & Machinery is an industry-focused publication and provides information on chemicals, petrochemicals and process industry in India. It lists over 2,000 product categories with more than 55,000 listings of 14,000 industrial suppliers. It covers industrial sectors such as abrasives, adhesives, paints, lubricants, process chemicals, petrochemicals, process equipment and many more. It is circulated free to a select base of qualified subscribers and is also distributed at major industry-specific trade shows. ..more

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