Vehicle Shock Absorbers

Power of Shock Absorber

Power of Shock Absorber

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Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers of Shock Absorbers for Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler, Four Wheelers & Mercedes Truck.

Company Profile

Now best known by driving enthusiasts for high performance and vehicle shock absorbers, Power of Shock Absorber has been manufacturing, exporting and supplying shock absorbers for two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheelers & Mercedes truck for many years, their vast experience has earned them a worldwide reputation for being able to optimize their products for any specific application. And by focusing on high quality shock absorbers, The company's no-compromise philosophy results in superb product performance and enhanced car control.

Improvement & Quality control

The company’s shock absorbers have been designed to improve the handling of the vehicles upon which they are installed. The company’s specialists keep on testing and making changes until they are convinced they have reached their optimum blend of handling and comfort.

Unique Shock Absorbers

Our shock absorbers are designed for a Mercedes truck and even its special driving conditions. They have been specially designed to meet the stringent quality, customer’s requirements and specifications.

Power of Shock Absorber
26, Chatta Lal Miya, Gali Chaman Wali,
Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002. India
Mobile : 9891892162

Contact Person: Mr. Mohd. Taqi (Proprietor)