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Pass Engineers

Pass Engineers

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"Environmental Care is Our Motto"

We have started our company in the year 1973 and started with the manufacturing of Air Pollution Control and Ventilation System Equipments. The technical persons available with us are having 40 years experience in the field of system designing such as Dust Collection Systems, Fume Exhaust Systems, Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems, and Ventilation Systems Humidification Plants & Air Washer Systems.

We have entered in to a tie-up with a Sweden Company and our product design is based on Swedish Design. We have two factories at Chennai, with all facilities for Manufacture and Testing of Air Pollution Control Equipments.

We undertake turn-key basis projects such as Supply, Erection & Commissioning and complete the job on time as desired by the customer and ensure that the systems are working to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our manufacturing range of products is as under:

  1. Centrifugal blower (m.s., ss, FRP etc)
  2. Axial flow fans
  3. Scrubbers (Packed bed scrubber, wet scrubber)
  4. Cyclones (Bulk cyclone, multi cyclone etc.)
  5. Bag Filters (Optipulse type, Shaking mechanism type etc.)
  6. Unit dust collectors (Bag Filter type, cyclone type)
  7. Self contained air washer unit
  8. Rotary air lock valve
  9. Inlet vane control damper (Manually operated, Motorized)

Further we undertake the following works as turn key basis.

  1. Dust collection system
  2. Centralized vacuum cleaning system
  3. Fume exhaust system
  4. Ventilation system
  5. Air washer system
  6. Pressurization system
  7. Roof extractors & Roof ventilators

Pass Engineers
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Contact Person: Mr. A. Senthil Prasath (Partner)