Superslides  & Bushes Corporation

Superslides & Bushes Corporation

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Superslides & Bushes Corporation – Prominent Place for linear motion systems – is a manufacturer and distributor of X-Y positioning tables, ball screw support units and ball screws, and Linear Motion Systems.

Application Areas of Superslides & Bushes Corporation

Machining Center, Gantry Robot, Grinding Machine, Precision Tool Grinder, Broaching Machine, Welding Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Automatic Tool Changer, Beam Welding Machine, PCB Drilling Machine, Measuring & Testing Machine, Amusement Equipment, Material Handling equipment, Tyre Forming Machine, CNC Lathes, Riveting Machine, Boring Machine, Book Binding Machine, Glass Cutting Machine, Automatic Loder, Printing & Packaging Machine, Medical Equipment, Vertical Parking System, Injection Moulding Machine, Industrial Robot, Pallet Changer, Milling Machine, Semiconductor Machine, Tapping & Drilling Machine, Automated Warehouse, Wire Cut EDM, and Punch Press.

Ball Screw Support Units

Provides standard support units for ground and rolled ball screws and features—axially-fixed bearing unit with factory-adjusted preload, support unit design with high rigidity and low torque, simple design, easy and accurate installation, designed for mounting in any position - vertical or horizontal; and high mounting accuracy.

Ball Screws

Ball screws that are interchangeable with other brands are based on gothic profile available in large range and varieties.

  • High-speed ball screws can be provided as per customer design with quick delivery.
  • High speed ball screws are available for DmN value up to 140000 and speed up to 100 m/min.
  • Test certificate will be provided for every ground ball screw

X-Y positioning tables

  • Available in single and double axis
  • Fitted with linear guides and ground ball screw
  • Simple and accurate installation
  • Stroke from 50 x 50 mm to 500 x 500 mm
  • Repeated positioning accuracy of ± 0.003 mm

Linear Motion Systems

Available with scrapper seals for special application such as wood working machine. Its four rows of balls have ultra high load carrying capacity and maintain high precision for longer time and provide high stiffness in all directions. Available in miniature sizes with normal, high, and precision grades.


  • Pick & place, welding, painting robots, etc.
  • Movement of the X-ray source in X-ray equipment
  • Movement of doors and panels of NC machines, trains and buses

Superslides & Bushes Corporation
2-B, Papa Industrial Estate, Ist Floor, 40, Suran Road
Andhari East, Mumbai - 400093. India

Contact Person: Mr. Rajiv Desai (Director)